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    A do-it-yourself contact management hosting solution. Includes a content management system, fully designed to your design and development specs (*setup fee), user account and editing capabilities with annual contract.

    You like to be in control and do-it-yourself. You pick things up fast, are tech saavy and want a web solution that you can maintain. You appreciate efficiency and want the most for the least investment. You wake up in the middle of the night with an idea you want to put into place and value having a partner to monitor your work.

    *Setup fee dependent on scope.


    An upgrade solution for your existing website. Includes updating your existing website design to current technology (SEO, security, mobile ready), ongoing management and monthly reports provided with annual hosting contract.

    You've done well, but your website business hasn't grown as much as you want. You need to play catch-up. Your site needs be responsive and it looks awful on mobile devices which drives 90% of your services or products. You thought you just needed to build it and the customers would come; but they didn't. It's time to think outside-the-box.

    Partner with Mary Market to discover your web's potential.


    A fully-managed long-term hosting solution for your growing business. Includes a fully developed website (*setup fee), SEO, 1 hour per month of content edits, monthly reports and marketing plan with 3-year contract.

    Your creative lies elsewhere.
    You'd rather focus on other aspects. You want it done and working for your business. You value good design. You can describe what you want - the feeling, the tone, the inspiration. You appreciate someone who can move your project to completion with minimal input of your precious time.

    *Setup fee is dependent on scope.

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    My Story

    My Story

    Who is Mary Market? Primarily it is the culmination of years of passionate development of design and technology. Mary Market is owned and operated by myself, Mary Chadwick with the assistance of Arielle McClung as Marketing Specialist. Arielle has been building websites for the last 5 years. She has a degree in Hospitatity Management and has worked in several Marketing positions before joining Mary Market.

    We create business solutions in a variety of industries such as commercial printing and publishing, high tech manufacturing, education, office management and more recently community, non-profit, local government, preschool and church organizations.

    We have a broad understanding of how the creative process works in industry and business application. As an educator, I seek to help people help themselves through inspiration and vision. I love to share my vision. As an advocate of life-long learning, I walk the talk, always working on current technology and the latest trends in design.

    One day I decided I wanted to share my story, so I became a teacher. If I can guide someone to achieve their vision with my creations, I have reached the highest level of satisfaction. I now help people to develop their identity. My goal for your website is to integrate beauty and technology. My soul yearns to be creative in every part of my life. My new hobby is creating "Functional Art" and art is part of my everyday life. Let's get to know each other. Let's create your story.

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    Recycled Utility Ware & Other Pretty Things
    Recycled Utility Ware & Other Pretty Things
    Custom Made to Order
    We Must Index the Federal Minimum Wage to the Local Cost of Housing
    We Must Index the Federal Minimum Wage to the Local Cost of Housing
    Everyone Deserves a Home
    Everyone Deserves a Home
    Discharge No One into Homelessness!